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The Third Version of a Powerful Android Game Emulator for PC

BlueStacks 3 is a free cloud-based, cross-platform emulator that allows you to run your Android apps on your PC, whether its operating system is Windows or macOS. Released in 2017, this utility software was based on a brand new engine and front-end design, upgrading BlueStacks overall look. Like the other versions of BlueStacks, BlueStacks 3’s basic features are free to download and use, while advanced optional features are on a paid monthly subscription.

A Whole New Platform

An emulator in popular media is a hardware or software that allows one computer system—the host—to act like another computer system—called the guest. Emulators are often used when you don’t have access to the guest system or can’t use it, so you use another instead that will enable you to still run the guest system. In gaming, this is a common concept because you won’t have easy access to various kinds of gaming consoles and platforms. You will most often use your computer to just run an emulator program to be able to play a game that was designed for an old console like the PlayStation 1 if you can’t find one. This practice has also become commonplace with general types of apps in the market, like mobile apps. There are computer programs that allow you to access mobile-only apps and be able to use them on your PC. Thus, various powerful emulators have risen to dominate the cross-platform audience, and one of them is BlueStacks. 

Play Anything with Ease

Like other Android emulators for PC, BlueStacks allows you to use mobile apps and play games with your mouse, keyboard, and external touchpad controls. The BlueStacks App Player was highly successful and spawned a good number of improved versions over the years. BlueStacks 3 is the fourth released product of its company and introduced several new features. It added a section called App Center, which personalizes game suggestions for you; an account system that’s similar to online gaming platforms; the ability to chat with others; a new keymapping interface; and Multi-Instance, which allows you to launch multiple BlueStacks windows and be able to play all of your accounts at the same time. It boasts of faster performance time with its new engine and collaborates with game developers for exclusive content. This time, BlueStacks 3 is considered an actual gaming platform rather than just a measly app player or emulator. Its user interface acts like a web browser, and you can quickly switch between apps like you're just switching between different browser tabs. Because of how you can configure it to run your apps smoothly, you can actually gain an edge in fast-paced games with your new controls. It even has a streaming option.

Only as Good as the Hardware

No doubt BlueStacks 3 is an emulator heavily designed and optimized for Android games rather than the other kinds of apps. You can still run them with this program, but this is much more recommended to be used for your mobile games. A particular drawback, though, is its dependency on your computer specifications, of course. It will only run well if your computer can handle high-end gaming, as with any emulator.


  • New chat feature
  • New keymapping interface
  • Simultaneous multiple windows gaming
  • Acts like a gaming platform now


  • No support for motion detection
  • Interface is a little bland
  • Highly dependent on computer specs
  • Enlarging screens may pixelate some games

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Bluestacks 3


Bluestacks 3 for PC

User reviews about Bluestacks 3

  • Smiling Hopes

    by Smiling Hopes

    It's very good and I advise everyone to try it because I like it's use

  • Êïm Êvêt

    by Êïm Êvêt

    i lovve this apps ..keep it up team ..i hope every can enjoy this..

  • Padmanav Tripathy

    by Padmanav Tripathy


  • Masoom Dil

    by Masoom Dil

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic app gooooooooooooood work

  • Jin Bandol

    by Jin Bandol

    Easily use and user friendly. Can play anytime and faster to use.

  • Mel Bow

    by Mel Bow

    its very innovative and has a multitude of games that i couldn't find on pc

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